About Us

About Bestvite

The principals behind Bestvite rely upon years of experience in our quest to bring you the industry's highest quality nutritional supplements and functional foods at affordable prices. We seek not only the finest products across the globe, but also your trust in our commitment to the strictest quality control standards. All Bestvite brand products are encapsulated in the United States and are laboratory tested before their release. We carefully handpick and qualify all of our ingredient suppliers through an extensive process to ensure consistency and quality.

It is our belief that everyone is entitled to the opportunity of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We add value to our customers' lives by striving to provide the purest vitamins, minerals, herbs and natural foods possible. In fact, we manufacture over 90% of our products without stearates, a common additive known to diminish immune system function. Though we ship billions of tablets, capsules and softgels to customers all over the world, we believe that every single one deserves its own unique attention and scrutiny. It’s what makes Bestvite the best value in the supplements industry.